Happyville Farm is run by volunteers of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

We are part of the mission to feed the hungry.  We do this with dedicated volunteers,
where sharing the place, the work, and the joy offers a better community for all.

Why should you volunteer? Research shows that working with plants—and putting our hands in the dirt—provides outdoor physical activity, induces relaxation, and reduces stress, anxiety, blood pressure, and muscle tension. Other benefits include:

We include Master Gardeners and beginners, kids and parents, students, teachers and retired teachers, community service volunteers, LDS Service Missionaries, and neighbors of the farm. We range in age from 5 to over 92, and include people with vision, hearing, developmental, cognitive, and mental health disabilities.  Just as we help everything grow, we help everyone participate and learn. 

Volunteers are always needed during the growing season. Our volunteer hours are Tuesday - Friday 8 am to noon.  

Some of the daily tasks are seeding, weed management, building beds, putting up a trellis, transplanting crops, setting up hoops,  row cover, clearing, and bark mulching paths, setting up drip irrigation, working on fences and sheds, beekeeping, bagging produce for the Idaho Falls Community Foods basket, and more.  

Contact us to volunteer. We would love to hear from you!