Partners & Grants

Local Partners

City of Idaho Falls

The City of Idaho Falls is leasing the land for the farm at a nominal coast and has supported the farm by building fencing to protect the farm, providing city water to irrigate the crops, and providing bark mulch for weed control and walkways. These are much needed improvements that will help improve city land for the residents in this area. 

Grants Awarded

The Bee Cause

This national grant for educational honey bee hives helped install our first three hives to help protect honey bees,  plant pollinator crops, and share educational experiences and pollinator benefits with a wide cross-section of our community. Our “bee teams” and hive observers so far have included youth from 8 years up.

Johnnys Seeds

This tool grant was used to help purchase our 6-row seeder, 30” bed roller, and 30” bed rake, for more efficient and precise planting of small-seeded crops, especially leaf lettuce.

This national “crowd-granting” challenge from Nov 15-Dec 15 is our major annual donations drive. We won additional grants as a top 5 finisher among over 500 food gardens across the US, Canada, and other countries.


This grant is part of the national AARP Community Challenge program, which helps cities and towns create more Livable Cities. This is the first ever received in Idaho Falls and the surrounding region.   The grant is specifically to help in our work to decrease social isolation of seniors and people with disabilities. It will provide more socially-distanced shaded seating at the farm, a supply of adaptive and “assistive” tools that let  all ages and abilities join in the work, and a shed to house the first tool library and seed library in our area.

WholeKids Foundation

This national grant to public schools and nonprofits is for garden-based education across the curriculum. Our farm will offer afterschool education because we’re in a low-income census tract with no park, public playground, or even an elementary school (kids are bussed). Our K6 curriculum for a 10-week series of afterschool programs was developed by Elem. Ed. teachers using relevant standards and curricula. The 7-12 curriculum is being developed by experienced teachers, naturalists, and other scientists who work with youth and the environment.

Idaho Botanical Gardens
"Lunaria Grant"

This is one of the first grants awarded in eastern Idaho from the IBG, and the first in Idaho Falls. The funds will help develop a xeriscape plant list, purchase plants, and place “” plant labels linked to an online botanical database. The xeriscape list and demonstration site are being developed in collaboration with Idaho Falls Parks as part of the Mayor’s Xeriscape initiative to create plant lists and demonstration sites with attractive, available, easy to grow water-wise plants that will help builders and homeowners shift toward lower water use. At the Community Food Basket Happyville Farm, the xeriscape demonstration has been planted along our eastern edge, using our chain link fence as a place to securely attach the informative plant tags that identify each species.